In 2008 Aiden Hill was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition—severe obstructive sleep apnea, also known as “the midnight strangler.” But after he lost his employer-based insurance he soon encountered a new group of “health care stranglers.”

These special interests were bent on using the cover of darkness to deny coverage and gouge him while he was at his most vulnerable. The Midnight Stranglers chronicles this struggle, its intersection with the passage of Obamacare, and the Tea Party reaction.

The concluding chapters discuss the disappointments Aiden encountered as he helped the State of California implement its version of Obamacare (Covered California) and what he is doing now to fight for greater transparency and consumer protection in health care.

Reviews: What People are Saying About The Midnight Stranglers

"I can affirm that Aiden's voice adds much to the arsenal of what is needed to make our health care system functional vs. dysfunctional."
Janet Stephens, R.N Health Care Activist Real PeopleDENIED Real Health Care
"What readers will find most helpful is how methodically Hill breaks down each part of medical care—how the system is structured and (mis)managed. And his sensible proposals for “a truly functioning, market-based pricing system,” with transparency, less insurance industry intrusion and reduced government bureaucracy make this a common-sense book every elected official should read. They won’t—but they should."
Michael A. Borich Professor of Media, Journalism and Film Missouri State University
"His biting commentaries and liberal use of literary analogies kept the pace moving and read almost like a John Grisham novel. I could not put it down."
Steven Y. Park, M.D Otolaryngologist and Author Sleep Interrupted: a physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired.
"Aiden Hill has gone public with his story. Answers to address the questions he's raised on behalf of all Californians should now be forthcoming from Sacramento."
John Aiello "Insurance Reform Exposed At The Bone: Covered California Remains Under Fire" The Electric Review
"Fascinating and riveting..."
Bob Laszewski Health Care Policy & Marketplace Review

Excerpt from The Midnight Stranglers, Second Edition